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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  November 22, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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right now it is 6:00. some folks are still heading out of town. >> people sleeping too. let's talk about it. happy thanksgiving. good morning. live doppler 7 hd, much quieter this morning, clear air, a little fog forming in our inland valleys, hardly a cloud to be found. let's talk about the visibility, about a mile and 3/4 in napa, the rest of us are okay this morning. temperatures chilly, around the bay 45 to 50 at 7:00, mid to upper 50s through noon, low to mid 60s cool rather quickly during the evening low to mid 50s. if you are handling around the bay, we have fog in some areas in the 30s especially north
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bay valleys to mid 40s. noon mostly sunny, mid 50s to around 60. close to average during the afternoon upper 50s to mid 60s, cool upper 40s to mid 50s by 7:00. good news, if you are frying a turkey outside today, not much wind, so be safe and have a good one. if you have to run to the 24 hour store this morning, traffic-wise light. holiday light. san mateo bridge headlights towards hayward from san mateo, 13 minute drive both directions typical when there's no traffic. drive out of antioch now, heavy commute on a holiday at the limit, no issues towards concord westbound 4, same without of the central valley, eastbound towards i-5 at the limit up and over the altamont pass, very light. san jose, chp and another car
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involved in an accident on the tracks, vta tracks at first and brokaw, vta working to put a bus bridge in. so far just switching back now. this morning traffic is back to normal on i-58 poe in oakland after being shutdown for a -- on i-580 in oakland after being shutdown for a gun battle between two cars on the gun battle ended with two cars crashing. when officers arrived they found both vehicles riddled with bullets people in the cars nowhere to be found. not known if anyone was injured. in oakland, police investigating a homicide blocks from that freeway shooting. police were called to the scene 9:30 last night on hilton near seminary. no word on the circumstances involving the death of the victim, so far this case does not appear to be related to the freeway shooting.
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happening now, volunteers at glide memorial are beginning final preparations to serve breakfast in one hour. live look now you can see they are busy, glide expects to serve more than 5,000 people for thanksgiving for the second year in a row. they will begin dinners at 9 a.m., looks like turkeys they are preparing now, katie marzullo will have a live report in 30 minutes. san francisco city leaders, including the police chief joined volunteers last night to set up tables and get food ready at st. anthony's. organizers expect to serve 4,000 people there. meanwhile, volunteers at glide are preparing more than 5,000 meals. they are also going to hand out more than 1700 bagged lunches tomorrow. bay area wal-mart workers plan to walk off the job starting 10:00 tonight in support of a strike upset wal-mart is opening 8:00
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tonight for black friday they accuse the company of retaliating against workers who spoke out against the early opening. organizers say they want to inform shoppers about what they call wal-mart's unfair work conditions. the company expects only a small number of workers to walk-out. whether you are shopping today or tomorrow, check out, we've compiled a list of stores and their opening times, it is kristen -- kristen sze approved it has to be right. under see it on tv. new this morning, president obama released his weekly online video address a couple days early in honor of thanksgiving. >> the president: today we give thanks for blessings that are too rare in this world, the ability to spend time with the ones we love to say what we want, to worship as we please to know there are brave men and women defending our freedom around the globe and to look our children in the eye and tell them here in america, no dream is too big if they are willing to work
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for >> the president also says the nation stands with those who are less fortunate this year, including superstorm sandy victims. in the mideast, fragile peace still holding this morning it has been 19 hours since the cease-fire between israel and hamas. secretary of state clinton and egypt's foreign minister brokered the deal to end eight days of violence the worst fighting in years. for palestinians it means no more israeli airstrikes or hamas leaders assassinated in gaza for israel a stop to rocket fire from gaza, today the deal clouds negotiations to open border and allow people and goods to move freely. back here neighbors of a disabled san francisco man have stepped up to find his stolen service dog. while he was getting dialysis, somebody broke his truck's window grabbed his dog lola. rob suffers from crohn's dis's and was just diagnosed with cancer, he says lola was one
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of the bright stops -- spots in his life. >> she was wonderful from the first day, the most affectionate, sweetest, nicest, companion you could have. >> neighbors have stepped up, they've offered a $3,000 reward to help find lola. they handed out fliers and knocked on doors looking for her. berkeley police need your help catching a serial cigarette thief. they hope someone will recognize this man and tell police. investigators say in each case the suspect enters the store by smashing a window and takes off with the cigarettes police believe he's responsible for a spring of burglaries in berkeley. traffic and weather together, next on the abc7 morning news. live look outside now the embarcadero in san francisco, all is calm there. you can see very few clouds, very clear, very cold morning.
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meteorologist mike nicco will have your forecast. also, sue hall is spraysingly busy with a lot of issues despite the holiday. >> none of those -- issues on the embarcadero. employees hostess is keepin
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welcome back. upper 30s santa rosa, napa the rest of us in the 40s, san francisco, antioch 50. as far as our visibility, doing okay everybody is doing fine most of the fog is out in the central valley it is tule fog we have to deal with that the next couple of mornings. winds three to five miles per hour not much of a wind chill. storm track to the north that means sunshine and a few high clouds, low to mid 60s coast, mid 60s for the rest of us. good morning. if you are traveling to tahoe this morning, good news, no chain requirements. sky starting to light up, holiday light at the bay bridge toll. couple of things, first brokaw san jose vta track, chp car involved in an accident on the track, toe truck en route, bus
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bridge, between karina and metro -- airport station. eastbound 580 at el charro accident on the shoulder of the off-ramp, not affecting eastbound. >> 6:11. new details on the shutdown of hostess. as we first reported yesterday, a bankruptcy judge approved a request by hostess to begin winding down operations. 18,000 workers nationwide will ultimately lose their jobs. now we've learned about 3,000 will stay on the job a little longer to help in the shutdown efforts. up to 200 employees could still be working as late as march. the up in of abortions has seen largest decrease in a decade, dropped 5% from 2008 to 2009. most recent numbers available from cdv -- cdc. still ahead, facebook and
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privacy, why the social networking website says it need to make it harder for users to have a say. which brand is really best? michael finney with new
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. welcome back. everybody at 10 miles, unlimited in the horizontal plain a little fog hanging around, very scattered right now. definitely thicker fog in the central valley. tomorrow is going to be one of the warmest days in the forecast, 70 bay and inland mid 60s coast, drop a couple degrees everyday morning
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clouds giving way to afternoon sunshine, a few high clouds saturday and sunday going to be dry all three days. facebook is considering taking away users ability to vote on privacy policy changes. the way it is now the company allows users to vote on a change if it receives more than 7,000 comments. then if more than 30% members participate, the results are official. facebook says with a billion members the voting process gets too complicated. americans burn through a staggering amount of batteries, several million a year, aa most popular. michael finney tells us which brand performed best. good morning just in time for the holiday -- crunch, consumer reports results are in on which lasts the longers. melissa was given batteries as a baby shower gift. >> my friend who had kids
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before said you have no idea how much you ing to need these, all the time. >> reporter: two boys later, melissa is constantly buying batteries. aa are the biggest sellers, commonly used in flashlights, digital cameras, remote controls and toys. consumer reports tested a dozen, including big names like energizer and wall manhattan and cvs. testers used this rack to evaluate performance programmed to mimic digital camera and flashlight the test turned up big differences. ever ready gold the worst took only 50 to shots before dying. energizer lithium, the best took 682 shots. they are expensive, more than $2.50 per battery. >> lithium batteries cost more but they can be worth it for
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cameras. >> reporter: among alkaline batteries, duracell ultra power. >> they don't tend to last as long before for flashlights or remotes. >> reporter: for families who use a lot of batteries to power toys, rechargeable are best. the state of california has specific guidelines on recycling batteries to check them out go to for more information on recycling all different types of batteries. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. big weather day. mike has it all. let's open the weather window and get our first look at the morning, gorgeous from mount sutro back towards the bay, all the way to almost mount hamilton that's how clear the air is, a few clouds,
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moving away they will be replaced by high clouds into the afternoon hours. live doppler 7 hd, lack of clouds means lack of radar returns, confirming how dry it is. temperatures just updated, still 38 napa and santa rosa, 50 antioch and san francisco else in the 40s. monterey bay mid to upper 40s gilroy 40 salinas 46. mostly sunny, dry today, chilly, foggy, definitely have some of those nights coming especially inland and dry pattern for the entire seven day forecast. temperatures today in the mid 60s for most of us, 63 san francisco, concord 65 san jose 66 santa rosa low to mid 60s coast monterey bay mid to upper 60s upper 60s to 70 around hollister and salinas as you head inland.
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morgan hill 39 tonight, 39 santa rosa, 37 cloverdale, low to mid 40s other inland valleys, lower to upper 40s bay and coast. those are at the reporting stations your car or home will probably be a couple degrees cooler. hype pressure pushing jet stream to the north, because -- high pressure pushing jet stream to the north, because of that dry pattern significant rain in the central valley so tule fog is going to be an issue the neck couple of nights and mornings with high pressure northeast slight offshore wind will start to pull that tule fog into the delta, east bay valleys and possibly north bay something we'll keep an eye on. other than that, check out the forecast, morning fog give weighing to afternoon sun, near 70 away the coast, mid 60s tomorrow, temperatures drop by the end of the weekend into the low to mid 60s hang there through monday and tuesday, mid to upper 60s
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wednesday. have a great thanksgiving. clear sky and clear roads, as well, holiday light if you are traveling to relatives and your drive takes you past university on 80 westbound towards the macarthur maze, normally solid string of lights this time of morning, it is very light, everything at the limit towards the macarthur maze. chp car on the tracks, chp and car got into it on the vta track, they have a bus bridge in the process of being set up this is between katrina and metro airport stations, they are switching. if you take vta it is on a sunday schedule. eastbound 84 thornton stall in the right lane off the dumbarton bridge. northbound 680 north mission and fremont, -- debris in right lane causing cars to pull over, you may find slowing past that scene. 6:21.
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9ers coach harbaugh picks his starting quarterback for this sunday's game. first and happening now, let's give you a live picture of the macy's thanksgiving day parade in new york city underway now. gorgeous, sunny, kind of cold and kung fu panda doesn't seem to matter one bit. >> wow he's big. >> pablo sandoval, big in new york city. [ laughing ] >> we'll have more coming up.
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check out this beautiful colorful sunrise from tamalpais, sausalito, san francisco to the south bay, gorgeous. temperatures warm, dallas 80, st. louis 70, 35 fargo, 37 great falls. upper 40s seattle and portland. one airport having issues, detroit flight arrival delays because of fog, a little rain around kansas city and seattle otherwise smooth sailing in san francisco, oakland and san jose. safe travels.
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happening now 86th annual macy's parade in new york city is underway. the parade kicking off at 6:00 this morning.çf live picture now from the parade route. papa smurpf -- papa smurf, spider-man, 16 giant character balloons, 40 novelty, 28 floats. big headliner the man himself, looking forward that would be santa the city gave way 5,000 bleacher seats to families hit hardest by superstorm sandy, nice gesture for those folks. the south bay's marching band and color guard are performing in the parade. the school's music department had to raise nearly $150,000
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for the trip. each of the 230 students' families had to pay $2,000 to cover flight, rooms, meals and transportation, but they are there statue of liberty closed for the rest of year thanks to sandy the storm left several hazards on ellis island. no word on when the monument is going to be reopened. closed for the rest of 2012. >> a special shame only october the crown reopened after renovations. bay area shoppers are getting a big head start on holiday shopping. the early birds we phone waiting in line and the group of people they -- we found waiting in line. this morning we know which quarterback will be starting this sunday. >> reporter: good morning i'm katie marzullo live at glide church in san francisco.
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look at what is happening behind us it takes a lot of prep work to feed 5,000thon thanksgiving day. hear from a first time volunteer. sue hall in the traffic center, following your holiday commute, very light at the bay bridge toll, mass transit on holiday or sunday schedule we'll check back with vta. we had a car on the tracks in
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some runners are getting ready, lined up they better bundle up what a great idea to start thanksgiving by energy, calories, before you consume them. >> proactive eating burn 'em then add 'em. good morning i'm terry mcsweeney in for eric thomas. >> and i'm kristen sze. it is going to be cold out there >> what is roger craig's number? >> 33, i think it was. >> who is 44? [ unintelligible ] >> trying to be funny and clever. >> go with what you know. >> that's what i know, stick to weather. good morning. clear this morning, no radar returns, dry air. let's talk about what is going to happen today around the bay, starting off in the 30s and 40s, eventually we are going to make our way up into the 60s. starting off clear, cloud
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cover rolls in and we'll hit the -- low to mid 60s bay by 4:00. inland fog this morning, temperatures running from the upper 30s to mid 40s. by 4:00, in the upper 40s -- upper 50s mid 60s. can i start over? [ laughing ] >> i haven't even had turkey yet. then we go to the coast mid to upper 40s know, -- now, mid to upper 50s noon, won't be as breezy as it was yesterday. help sue! >> well, i'm here for you mike each and everyday. very light conditions, good news northbound 680 at jacqueline milpitas earlier water main break had off-ramp flooded that is clear and off-ramp reopened. brokaw road vta tracks cars tangled on tracks, tow truck trying to get it cleared, bus bridge in place vta on sunday
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schedule. eastbound 84 thornton on the fremont side, dumbarton bridge stall in the right lane. north 680 at north mission some debris causing cars to pull over with damage. take caution if you in that area. otherwise, light holiday commute, take care and get there safely. new morning, san jose firefighters are investigating suspicious fire at a strip mall at a hair salon on lundy at brokaw 4:00 this morning the fire spread to connecting businesses. investigators say when use got there they could smell gasoline that's whyer in investigating as a suspicious fire. police are looking for the person responsible forever the death of a man in visitation valley. officers on the scene last night near brookdale avenue the call came in shortly after
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7:00 p.m., police found the victim lying in the street, pronounced dead at the scene. this morning traffic back to normal on i-580 in oakland after being shutdown for a couple hours last night following a gun battle teen people in two cars. sky 7 hd was overhead after lanes were closed near seminary and edwards 8:30 last night, investigators state gun battle ended with two cars crashing. officers arrived and find both vehicles riddled with bullets but can't find the people in them. an hour after that freeway shooting police were called to a hit-and-run a few blocks away a truck slammed into a car the car jammed under the front of the truck one person injured, police don't know if the hit-and-run was connected with that freeway shooting. happening now, volunteers are hard at work at
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san francisco's glide memorial church. the first of thousands of thanksgiving meals are about to be served. katie marzullo joins us live in a very busy church. >> reporter: take a look at this assembly line of deliciousness if you will, some of the 500 volunteers who will make today possible, they will serve 5,000 meals. planning for this dates back to august when they get this underway, as far as getting the food in your mouth today that starts at the carving staying. i want to introduce mia lebron, first time volunteer. why come out here? >> well, you know by the grace of god i was saved myself. i went through a really bad year. i lost my job, became homeless, in pondering over my life, getting it back together and being blessed to have found a job and a place to live, my
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prayer has been god show me how to be grateful to you. for some reason, the first thing that came to my mind was i need to get out and help. of course glide is popular for this type of thing, you always hear about it in the media and everyone wants to do it, but it is hard to get in. a few days ago i decided to go online and look and it was full. i decided to chick any way and there was one slot -- to click any way and there was one slot left. i could have easily like everyone elsewhere here could have been standing in that line today. so i just humbled by this, i can't wait to see all of those smiling faces and everyone who deserves to be in a place on a holiday with smiling people and happy people, you know. >> reporter: mia that is wonderful, thank you for what you are doing we know people appreciate it. we'll let you get back.
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a couple things today, dinner served from 9 a.m. until 2:00 this afternoon, the cast of the lion king will be here to help serve. keep in mind glide serves three hot meals 365 days a year, volunteers, donations, always welcome. katie marzullo, abc7 news. you were exuding thanksgiving this morning. dozens are spending their thanksgiving waiting in line to snag some of the black friday deals stores are offering. video a short time ago outside best buy santana row shopping center. they are not letting the cold stop them, they are not feeling it, best buy doesn't open until midnight. wealthiest americans are expected to spend 3% less this holiday season. >> reminder whether you are shopping today, tomorrow, check out before
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you start, we have compiled a list of stores and opening times, browse black friday sale ads on under see it on tv. it all has the kristen sze stamp of approval. it appears the 49 are calling the back-up quarterback he will take the -- [ inaudible ] he says the coach told the two quarterbacks yesterday of his decision. he made his first career start monday night and had two touchdown passes in a 32-7 romp over the bears. smith still not medically cleared to play while recovering from a concussion. notice he was wearing 7. >> number 7? >> 7 on his side. >> always good to have 7 on your side. traffic and weather together, next. >> here's a live look
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golden gate bridge traffic good, pretty busy. >> very busy. i thought it was going to be wide open, it was pretty wide open, but busier than usual when i at 3:15. >> weather and traffic together, next. recent storm brought new storm to the sierra, the tahoe ski resort open
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beautiful picture nice clean air out there now. clean air much cooler than it was this time yesterday from 7° cooler in antioch to 21 cooler in napa, that puts temperatures antioch warmer 50, 50 san francisco, 38 in napa and santa rosa as we head moo the afternoon, we hang out in the mid 60s, low to mid 60s at
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the coast, next three days, are going to be near 70 tomorrow away from the coast, then we fall back into the low to mid 60s by the time we get to sunday. if your plan was to avoid the holiday crunch get and get an early start this morning, good plan, 80 westbound towards the macarthur maze, relatively light at the limit. mass transit holiday schedules: bart sunday, muni holiday, caltrain sunday, ac transit sunday, vta sunday but we have delays, an accident involving a police car in san jose. we'll talk about that in just a minute. no golden gate ferries, buses on holiday service. no ace train this morning. here's the vta first at brokaw between karina and metro air port station still blocking track, bus bridge in place, expect delays. skiers are hitting the slopes this thanksgiving, this
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week's storm brought snow to higher elevations, not enough to open all runs but enough to open a few lifts after a lot of snow making. no complains from skiers who are happy to be on the mountain in the season except maybe that guy. north star is opening more lifts today and sugar bowl opens for the season today. sue just told us about it, hit-and-run involving highway patrol cruiser in san jose, new video just in. google maps, expanding its reach. new information to give customers an edge when
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welcome back. we'll expand our reach the entire state doppler is quiet high pressure taking over, temperature at 59 in eureka, 66 sacramento, 75 in l.a., 82 palm springs sierra will be making snow at night during the day mid 50s at lake tahoe, yosemite 52 saturday, 65 sunday, down to l.a., going to have a little fog tomorrow, look at this, low to mid 80s saturday and sunday mid 70s if you are going to san diego morning clouds, afternoon sun. safe travels. [ unintelligible ] happen again.
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>> maybe we want him to take his time. >>kí we want to wish you a very happy thanksgiving. >> i was like what's up with that! take care. turning to a more serious topic, new study raises question are women being over treated for breast cancer? study finds mammograms have done surprisingly little to catch deadly breast cancers before they spread. more than one million women have been treated for cancers that would never threaten their lives. up to 1/3 researches say don't need to be treated. many doctors say mammograms are still worthwhile because they do catch some deadly cancers. google bringing store layouts to google maps.
6:48 am
unveiling indoor mapping program to web browers it was available to android users. you can zoom in to layouts of stores, museums, even vegas casinos. ikea you can see the furniture and other items. open safari go to google maps. you notice every picture we showed you kristen sze in the store. >> stop. i hope nobody spends their whole time indoors of after the cold temperatures really nice. >> especially tomorrow more so than today, near 70 tomorrow, tonight win of our coolest nights the folks shopping you have to dress warmly. beautiful pictures from sutro tower, hi terry nice to have you here this morning, happy thanksgiving. >> you remember me now. >> i do. i was going to ask kristen to introduce me to her new
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friend. then that would be saying you two are friends and i didn't want to go that far, because i'm not sure. [ laughing ] >> live doppler 7 hd, i don't know, happy holidays everybody. looking at both sweeps picking up clean, dry air, a little fog tying to develop having a harder time today. 38 napa, santa rosa, 50 antioch and san francisco, the rest of us in the 40s, 40s around the monterey bay and inland from 40 gilroy, 49 monterey, mostly sunny and dry, no need for umbrella. chilly and fog if i the -- and foggy the next couple of nights. silicon valley turkey trot stars this morning, cool 44 most activities between 7 and 9, upper 40s. from 10 until the end at noon, in the mid to upper 50s. we'll keep warming up with a few high clouds and sun to 60s
6:50 am
around the bay, low to mid 60s as you are heading out to the coast. monterey bay mid to upper 60s, upper 60s even 70 inland, especially around salinas and hollister, morgan hill and santa rosa 39, cloverdale 37, low to mid 40s most inland valleys low to upper 40s bay and coast i am two areas of high pressure dominating -- one starting to build in northeast, pushing jet stream in a -- the storm track bringing dry pattern develops offshore land breeze with tule fog forming in the central valley some could creep into the east bay valleys and north bay some could make it into the bay the next couple of mornings that is going to be our big story in the morning. in the afternoon, 70 away from the coast, mid 60s there tomorrow, drop into the low to mid 60s everywhere sunday, monday, tuesday, slightly warmer wednesday. dry all seven days.
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happy thanksgiving! good morning. this is a shot of earlier what happened at the vta tracks in san jose at first and brokaw, a van hit a chp patrol car that was blocking the tracks for a while they had a bus bridge in place, vta on a sunday schedule. you can see cars getting by there. that accident now cleared out of lanes damage done, nobody was hurt, the driver of the van walked way from the scene so it was a hit-and-run, no injury to the patrol officer just his car. that cleared out in san jose, not a problem any longer. 87 northbound past hp pavillion, moving at the limit, very light holiday traffic that's the julian off-ramp northbound on 87, beautiful morning on the golden gate bridge, clear, no issues here, once again that accident first and brokaw now cleared out of lanes. 6:52. more than 20,000 are expected
6:52 am
to hit the streets of san jose this morning, as you heard from mike there is going to be a charity run. live look now, they are just about ready to start 8th annual turkey trot, costume contest will kickoff the event at 7 a.m. on west santa clara street near the hp pavillion. >> i'm betting on the green one. >> fun costumes out there. it is a 10k run all proceeds benefit second harvest food bank. also children's health initiative, it is going to be cold, but fun. >> once you start running, it doesn't matter. five things to know before you go. >> the abc7 morning ne
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welcome back. gorgeous shot of sunup around the bay looking at the bridge, notice the flag flying, got
6:54 am
some air being mixed as my good friend mike nicco would describe. >> he'll explain in a minute. right now five things to know before you go: number one, chp investigators say a gun battle between people in two cars on i-580 last night ended with both crashing near seminary and edwards. when officers arrived the people in the cars had already runaway. not known if anyone was hurt. >> number two, in a few minutes volunteers at glide memorial church will begin serving meals to people in need glide expects to serve more than 5,000. >> number three, seems black friday can come soon enough for some, they can shop after finishing thanksgiving dinner, retailers like wal-mart, sears and kmart offer door busting deals starting 8:00 tonight. >> number four, highway patrol will be out from now through sunday looking for drunk
6:55 am
drivers as well as speeders and drivers talking on cell phones also making sure drivers and passengers are wearing seat belts. looks like colin kaepernick is getting another turn in the starting line-up. smith told espn that kaepernick will start sunday's game. schmidt has not been cleared since suffering a concussion. the coach says there is no quarterback controversy >> last check of your forecast with mike. no controversy there, going to be nice and dry. absolutely. good morning. happy thanksgiving. live doppler, along with satellite, both showing clear conditions this morning. few high clouds possible this afternoon. a little fog this morning, so far, it has moved from our reporting stations it was down to a mile and 3/4 napa, i can't believe it just vanished probably just moved away still patchy fog out there 30s and 40s most of us, on our way to low to mid 60s by the
6:56 am
afternoon. enjoy your thanksgiving. traffic-wise holiday light, bay bridge toll, you can see breezing by, no issue news, -- issues, no metering lights. let's look at your holiday mass transit schedule, on sunday or holiday schedules, no golden gate ferries, they have buses on holiday schedule vta, i captain the yellow because of the earlier accident at first on brokaw on the tracks, they are experiencing some delays. bus bridge has been lived because that accident is now clear out of lanes. bart on a sunday schedule which means they get running 8:00 this morning many muni and caltrain on time, on a limited schedule. there's your holiday traffic, light and good. happy thanksgiving. >> to all of you. >> abc7 news continues in 25 minutes with news, weather and traffic during ga -- with
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"good morning america." the turkey trot is about to begin the temperature in san jose
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good morning, america. and happy thanksgiving. and let the shopping frenzy begin. holiday sales, kicking off today, earlier than ever before.


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